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In 2005 in Fastov (Ukraine) was opened AmidaPlus Company. With own factory it started its development. The concern specialized on producing cardboard products and printed goods. Its popularity AmidaPlus gained due to manufacturing decorations for retail space,items for product packaging as cardboard folders, boxes, wrapping paper and branded products – binders, paper bags, register- folders, etc . Being high demanded factory, AmidaPlus always tries to add new possibilities to producing. Now the company provides offset printing – 6 colors up to B1 format; varnishing; hot lamination; book folding and design cutting; laminating; automatic gluing; hot foiling; installation of metal and plastic accessories; automatic attachment; automatic firmware; automatic packing in polyethylene or polypropylene and even manual operations. All these king of polygraphic services are made with the help of latest, advanced technologies and well trained professional staff. Opportunities of products made of cardboard and are not limited and the purpose of AmidaPlus design team is to find correct approach to each client. There are most demanded goods by AmidaPlus and its short description: paper-packaging-boxes

1. Archive Boxes

Archive boxes by AmidaPlus are made of ecologically clean materials that don’t harm environment or customers’ health. The cases have strict rectangular design; available colors are white, black and grey. It is brilliant variant for keeping all documentation in offices. Archive boxes are rather capacious and handy in usage. There is special space for making notes about content on it. Choose appropriate size for keeping: small, medium or big.

2. Boxes for Interior

These cases differ from previous by diverse kinds and designs. The color palette is rather vivid and bright. More tones are available for interior boxes: coral, silver, beige and ultramarine. In the web site of AmidaPlus (AmidaPlus. eu) You can find categories of interior boxes: wardrobe boxes, boxes with special windows and multifunctional cases. The first group has equipped handles for suitable holding. The second type has special window that gives an opportunity to see what is inside. The last one category has simple design and can be used for anything.

3. Cardboard Trivia

AmidaPlus provides colossal number of folders, packages and journal stands. Each group of such “cardboard trivia” has own kinds. There are folders with cardboard and fabric covers. It is possible to select preferred color and material. Packages are available in monochrome, pattern and Christmas design. There You can find even completed collection according to style. Perfect variant for packing presents or sweeties. Pack everything by using such colorful package and everyone will be impressed. Journal Stands have ordinary and capacious design. There are three possible colors : grey, white and black.
AmidaPlus grants its customers wide range of any printed products. With the help of technical novelties all updating functions are available. The company concentrates on people needs and available prices for everybody. Keep all documents in right order with office products and personal things in colorful and nice designed boxes by AmidaPlus. The company is always ready to listen to the remarks or praises. AmidaPlus works for its clients and becomes better everyday.


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