Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

DIPL has designed and developed Eco-Friendly Paper Bags manufactured out of Used Newspapers. The Bags have been designed to carry a load of upto 7 Kgs. of Dry Goods and upto 4 Kgs. of Semi-wet Goods.

Bags made out of used Newspapers is a cost effective medium compared to the Kraft Paper bags, Jute Bags or Cloth Bags and are almost at par with Plastic Bags of similar carry load paper

With a view to support the efforts of several State Government in the Union of India, Municipal Corporations and Non-Government Social Organisations, DIPL has decided to price the Bag at Re. 1/- vis-à-vis its cost of Rs. 4/-, the balance to be subsidised by Sponsors.

This Pricing Mechanism has been devised to motivate the Shop-owners, Hawkers, etc. and the Consumer to use the Newspaper Bag and Support the Environment.

Further, Eco-friendly Bags will be highly employment intensive with major part of work being done manually, thus, helping a noble social cause as compared to Plastic Bags which are mainly manufactured on Automatic Machines.


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